Listeners' opinions:

  •  "Listening to Carmen sing is like being taken into another world. She subtly pulls you into her joy of life and liveliness." 
  • "She sings with a voice like velvet and silk, which is reminiscent of the time of the smoky jazz clubs."  
  • "Her vocal expression is lovely, gets under the skin and touches the heart." 
  • "I love your unfiltered, honest energy and ability to improvise, your voice is a gift." 
  • "The soulful timbre of her wonderful voice, her deep alto vocal range is as if made for jazz singing." 
  • "Her voice is breathtaking and enchanting."


What do I say about my voice: 

I am an original and my voice sounds completely like me. Is soulful, soulful, sonorous, expressive, powerful, smoky and also clear, friendly, likeable and has a high recognition value. My vocal range is alto. It ranges from alto to tenor and almost to mezzo soprano in the highs. My repertoire is self-selected and broad. Listening samples:

I often find almost forgotten pieces of early jazz from the 30s/40s that inspire me. I particularly like musical theater and modern works. And yet it is just an inspiration, everything else is my artistic personality, because my authentic expression as a singer is my goal.

Every song is special to me! I love singing jazz ballads, as well as swing, jazz, bossa/Latin and, in addition to jazz in my native language, I have beautiful German chansons from the 30s in my repertoire. Because in my native language I can express even more in the words and meaning of the text, which is essential. It is important to me to express the words in connection with the story of the song, as I learned during my training as a dubbing speaker, which I completed in Berlin in 2019.

My jazz inspirations include Ruth Etting, Anette Hanshaw, Judy Garland, Jo Stafford, Dorothy Lamour, Hellen Forrest, Ella Fitzgerald, Anita O day, Peggy Lee, Stacey Kent, Carmen McRae, Nancy Wilson, Nina Simone, Betty Carter, Lena Horne, Keely Smith.

My inspiration for the German songs is based on the wonderful interpretations of singers such as: Lilian Harvey, Zarah Leander, Greta Keller, Rosita Serrano, Anna Sten, Brigitte Horney, Lizzy Waldmüller, Marlene Dietrich and other German singers.

Because of my love for costume design, I make my own costumes for performances.

My personal music history

 My first introduction interview with the question at the age of 3: 
 My answer: "I AM A SINGER!"

Do people ask me today how I came to jazz through this childhood desire? 

My great love of my life has always been music.

 When I was a child, my grandfather loved to listen to beautiful music when we visited on Sundays. Classical music, musicals and jazz, played on the radio and on records and we were also able to see old German revue films.

That was my world, the costumes, the revues and singing actresses: I wanted live that!

I have been singing since I was very young, joined the children's choir at an early age and had my first public performances there. I stayed in the choir for many years, where I sang enthusiastically and later also led choirs. As a teenager I learned to play the guitar and sang folk songs and accompanied myself. My professional training was, at the request of my parents, to do a decent apprenticeship in theater painting at the opera house, which was accompanied by beautiful music, stage sets and costumes. My love the world of musical theater. During this time I learned tap dancing and got closer to jazz rhythms. And I still longed to be on stage myself. I played in an independent theater group in the play "Preparadise sorry now" by R.W. Fassbider plays the main role of Mira Hindley. Then I became a mother and took parental leave. In later years I moved to the Ulm area and studied art therapy. What taught me how healing and important art and music is. After this long learning phase, I invested again in my singing training and took singing lessons at the Ulm Drama School, led by an opera singer. A few years later I took part in further training in dancing in the style of “Laban and contact dance”. At that time I intensified my stage performances and so I often attended jam sessions join in and sang . My first jazz Duo project was with a pianist in 2007. I keept very busy to sang at sessions. In 2009 I had a performance with jazz singing and piano in Isny. It was an important moment in my life when I promised myself that I would sing until the end of my days. In 2011 I moved to Berlin with my studio and reopened my holistic painting school for children, my commissioned wall painting and black light studio, with which I had previously worked as a freelance visual artist since 2001.

In Berlin I got even closer to jazz. My passion for it flared up again and even more, it meant great happiness for me.

 So I learned jazz singing largely self-taught. I continued my education, listened to a lot of jazz from all periods of jazz history, and took online vocal training to further optimize my voice. I practiced intensively every day to expand my vocal range and learned my jazz repertoire intensively and independently. In Berlin I was able to gain a variety of stage experiences with well-known musicians from the Berlin jazz scene. I call it: “the stage was my school”. In 2014 closed my Painting school and invested my energy in music and started my own concerts. In 2019 I completed speaker and microphon training  at the Coaching Company Berlin to further optimize my microphone technique and expression.

Since 2014 I have had my own vocal jazz concerts with my wonderful musician colleagues in Berlin and Bavaria and throughout Germany, with whom I play in duos, trios and ensembles.

A thank you to everyone who accompanied me!

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